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GE Consultant established in October 2010 and having partnership with various institutions in Germany for Skill Industrial Training Centre. GE Consultant benchmark is spelled as German Industrial Skill Training Centre. GE Consultant have obtained the approval from the Ministry of Education as an Private Institution and called as “PUSAT KEMAHIRAN PERINDUSTRIAN GERMAN” (GERMAN INDUSTRIAL SKILL TRAINING CENTRE). GE Consultant established and develop skill technique and academic exchange and co-operation in teaching, training, research and development, promote and exchange in various areas. GE Consultant also established in current demand in the field of Pilot to enhance for Boeing, A320,A380, Aircraft Maintenance- License Program,, Automotive Mechatronic ,Technician Mechatronic, Welding and Film Production Crew.

GE Consultant yearly organise an Vocational Education visit for Malaysian from various Departments, Private Companies, Non-Governmental Bodies and Universities to European Companies and Institutes. GE Consultant is well known as an Industrial Training Centre to up skill the existing workers and the fresh graduates.

Scope of Services

GE Industrial Training and Consultant strive to inform and advice the employers and employees for their quality and quantity to empower the employees and to retain all the streams of revenue in their business. To be an Industrial consultants and to promote, organize, operate, undertake, demonstrate, procure information and services related to Industrial Training.

Our Strategy

We collaborate with our industries to support critical initiative that drives superior performance. We use feedback receive from our clients to create program  and actionable storage plans that are focused on bottom line results by allocating the bed resources and reviewing the contents based on industry needs.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a  leader in hub of Aviation Training, Advanced Motor Sport Engineering, Professional Skill Welders and Educational Provider.

Our Mission

To design, create and produce engineering, multimedia professional, teaching resources in local schools and industries in the respective career, technical\and vocational fields and to acquire franchises and attend to the sale or distribution of any educational program or packages together with all necessary materials, equipment, hardware, software to carry out the objective of the Company and to carry on with the business of educational consultancy, to promote, organize, undertake, demonstrate, procure information and services relating to educational or human resources development in Malaysia and elsewhere and to recruit students from Malaysia to overseas schools, colleges and universities.

Our Objective

To provide a classroom based mode of instruction locally with pre-constructed engineering workshops, multimedia learning packages to any business discipline for students pursuing tertiary education programs in overseas universities, colleges and institutes of advanced education and to be representative of and hold franchises for overseas and local universities, colleges and institutes of higher learning.

To conduct teaching programs leading to certifications, diplomas and training programs in the field of engineering career, technical and vocational disciplines for local students in conjunction with local and overseas partners.

Our Quality Policy

GE Consultant is dedicated to the Quality Policy that will ensure that our certified trainers, curriculum content and delivery are Hands On and applicable to the industry and to meet the needs and expectation.


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