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Pusat Kemahiran Perindustrian German (GERMAN INDUSTRIAL SKILL TRAINING CENTRE) offers a wide range of academic, personal, social and professional benefits to be gained through studying abroad. Our students find it is a truly amazing transformation of skill-building and self improvement experience to prepare them with future professional career.

Before Departure

Our Student Affairs Officer will work with you to make certain that the application is completed in timely manner and help you reach approval status as fast as possible so that you can start to plan the preparation to study abroad right away.

We advise on pre-departure issues, which include passport and visa guidance, flight and traveling arrangements and other pre-departure matters. We also send regular student updates with information ranging from packing tips to insights on cultural aspects of the host country that the students are not familiar with.

Arrival and On-Site

We provide necessary support services upon arrival of the student such as offer airport pick-up for those on the group flight, field trip activities and orientation programs to help you to adjust and settle into the host country so that you can enjoy the best possible study and living experience.

We assist you with language skills of the host country and study techniques, as well as offering computer assistance, career advice and health services.

If you would like to live in private rental accommodation, we will make arrangement to find a place near to your campus. You need to apply to us for accommodation before your arrival in the host country. We will notify you of the outcome of your application. If you are offered a place in one of the residences, please read through the contract information sent to you as this will explain costs, conditions and any special requirements.

On Completion

Results of your exam are usually released two to three weeks following the end of the exam period. You may not be able to view or get your results from your university or college if you have any outstanding fees to them. This includes payments for tuition, accommodation, library fines etc. Payment of all fines must be made before results will be released. Transcripts will be mailed to your home university/sending agent (or directly to you depending on the arrangement with your home university) approximately 2-3 weeks after the release of results.


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